Repair Services

Low Country Carpet Care promises to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, whether the job is large or small.

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Rippled or loose carpet is the largest complaint that we hear from consumers. These problems can usually be resolved with a simple re-stretching by one of our skilled technicians. On some occasions there are underlying problems that must be addressed prior to re-stretching your carpet.

Some of these could be issues with your carpet pad, de-lamination of the carpet backing, excess carpet, or a missing, damaged, or improperly placed tack strip. All of these issues can be discovered and discussed further by our technicians.

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Pile Grafting

Pile grafting is simply removing an area of damaged carpet and replacing it with a different piece of carpet. This process works very well for areas that will not respond to cleaning or have some damage or color loss. Pile grafting works well to correct problems like burns, chemical spills, some adhesives or dye from food, drinks, furniture, make-up, paint, wax, markers, etc. Pile grafting is very effective for removing damaged areas of carpet when donor carpet is available.

Good example of this is where a dog or cat tries to get out of a room.

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Re-tufting is a minor repair used when just a few carpet fibers are pulled or missing. Our highly trained technicians can re-attach or replace the fibers to the carpet backing using a specially designed adhesive. Re-tufting repairs are the perfect quick fix for that small blemish in your carpet.


Seam Repair

Most seam issues result from improper installation. Common issues include improper heating of the adhesive tape, failure to seal carpet edges or improper stretching. If installed correctly, a carpet seam should be barely visible and last the lifetime of your carpet.